Ammunition related video footage

Every now and then I come across amazing and interetsing video footage of ammunition testing and presentation in the internet. Mostly I do not save these clips but wonder if it might be of interest to post them here so everybody can look them up without searching the internet for hours and days.
Further most people do research the actual ammunition (mostly unfired) and once it is off the barrel very little is known about exterior ballistics and target effect.
It is understandable that this is hard to reserach on private intention but we can at least study what is available in the internet. Anybody having other interesting links may post them here (please none of the type “I shoot my TV and my car” etc. BS)
Here what I have found recently:

Shotgun Tank Round - XM1028 120mm Canister Tank Cartridge … re=related

Slow Motion Rocket … re=related

40mm Airburst by Singapore Technologies … re=related

Bullet in Flight Slow-Mo Video … re=related

M829A2 launch … re=related

Depleted Uranium … re=related

Ballistic Shell Fired In Slow Motion … re=related

Automatic shotgun - this is focused on the gun but has also cal. 12 HE shells shown … re=related

Dang! EOD
So much for my videos :-(

The DU video was very good. Seemed to have had an agenda, but raises serious issues. Spreading it all over a desert or burying it in one place? Not sure which option is best.