Ammunition Sectioning Types/Styles

Two-AZ, You are 100% correct. I just checked and that 1st sectioned round is indeed a AHED 35-mm. I just realized that it is still missing 3 tapering cone shaped sub-projectiles in the windscreen area. Good call!

On a separate note: I tried my first non-saboted sectioning job on this 50 cal. I tried to do it AKMS style by sectioning it directly in half leaving the projectile core intact.


Excellent work, dude. Keep it up.

Thanks Rick! I was told this is a 50 from the Dominican Republic and the lead tip over the core helped keep the round from glancing off the target. I am really enjoying the sectioning thing, just running out of stuff :-)

Here’s a cartridge section that presents a unique challenge:

In this section (not done by myself) the pusher disc, primer cup, and bullet of this .38spl Dardick Tround have been left whole, while the casing has had around 1/4th sectioned off.

That is a great one DK! The sectioner did a awesome job on that round which on its own merits very fascinating.


Here’s some more sectioned bullets which just came my way:


L to R = Hydrashock, Magsafe, CorBon Pow’R’ball (I think), experimental steel multi-darts in 9mm with rubber matrix, Hi-Vel incendiary exploder:

L to R = RBCD performance plus, fired RBCD performance plus, Remington Golden Saber, “Razor ammo”, Magsafe, M/39B with lead melted out:

Wow! Those are great specimens DK! Thanks for posting. Some of them are so cool. I love the sectioning concept and all the different styles used to show internals. I like that SS-109 projectile. Looks like it has very thick walls.

The walls just look relatively thick. It is a small bullet after all, and the core is small.

I could not help myself and decided to try to section the case neck and projectile base area of this British AFV APDS-T round in a different style :-) So hard to photograph.


I saw this picture and it immediately reminded me of this topic. Sectioning this kind of bullets is like playing Russian roulette: directly above the tungsten carbide core is a filling of 13 grain of Composition A. This makes these sectioned models quite rare.
It’s an 12,7 x 99 mm Armour-Piercing Explosive Incendiary, Mk 211 Mod 0.

Wow! You are right! That is a super sweet sectioned round. Whoever did it did an amazing job.