Ammunition toys

Yes I know that we are all men here with hair on our chests and elsewhere and this ammo collecting is serious business.

Well, the old saying is " the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys".

This fellow has been trying to delivery this heavy shell on my desk for over 30 years. He is cast iron with wooden wheels and is on our side. That is all I know about him.

Now, I showed you mine, you show me yours . I know you have some.

I know you folks have some.

I still have a toy double-barreled shotgun that is loaded with miniature plastic shotshells.

Still have some of those shotshells around

This looks like it actually shot a ball. This type of toy was outlawed years ago in the USA along with the Merry go rounds , May pole and teeter totter which were TOO DANGEROUS for children !

The balls you see in the package are actually primers. They look like balls in the picture but actually are very similar to real berdan primers.The cartridge has a plastic body and a solid metal head with a primer pocket. You simply put a cap in the primer hole and fire it, then you remove the spent primer and so on…