Ammunition University


Vlad, I attended this university in 1965/1966 and participated in one of its extracurricular activities, the Gulf of Tonkin Yacht Club, as many other members of the U.S. Navy did. Most of our courses were conducted offshore, with members of the NVA providing pop quizzes from time to time. Passing the quizzes was pretty important to continued enrollment. Course completion certificates were given as ribbons/medals as shown on the SUV’s back window (I have three of the four shown; don’t recognize the left one). If I can find this, I’ll put it on the back of my own van.


I too attended the Southeast Asian War College. Also going to see if I can find this .

Welcome home Mel!

Was too short to attend but THANKS for your service Gentlemen

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And I attended in 1966, and then the grad school in Thailand/Laos in 1969 (Laos was strictly an aerial study course). I think you studied there also. Kept us from getting our feet muddy like Sportsclay.

Mel, I don’t recognize either of the two on the Left. What is the red and white strip one-middle left??? The ones I recognize were awarded for attendance! Perhaps the two on the left were awarded for performance and I that is the reason I don’t recognize them cause I never got those.



Lew, not nitpicking but you also had guys there studying vegetation and bugs crawling around and doing all sort of other recreational activities.

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Each to their own!


The blue and white vertical stripe ribbon is curious as it is The UN Korean Service medal. Wrong war. Red and white…? No clue. If the colors are actually a bit off, could be one of the RVN service foreign awards.


The middle left is the National Defense Medal ribbon. You should have one. The saying was, “You get the medal if you’re alive in '65!” If there ever was a medal awarded for participation, this is it.

Nat'l Defense

On the left there are three decorations, from the left to the right they are:
image UN Korean Service medal awarded during the early '50s

image Republic of South Vietnam “Special Service” Medalimage

image National Defense Medal-You are a;live in '65!

This is a strange set of ribbons and I don’t think I have ever seen the "Special Service " medal that I can remember.

In addition, I thought the two below were always awarded together!

I probably shouldn’t have posted this because it has nothing to do with ammo, so I will go offline on this topic.


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In my limited experience, the two medals awarded together were:

Viet Medals

the Vietnam Service Medal by the U.S. and the Vietnam Campaign Medal by the (South) Vietnamese government, because if you qualified for one, you qualified for the other. I had not seen the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross you show as your lower right image in your post above. But you’re right; maybe we should get off this non-ammunition topic before it gets us in trouble. But for those who may not have been awarded these by being there and doing that, the Vietnam Service Medal is available for sale online for $15.95 and the Vietnam Campaign Medal is available for $41.97. I guess there’s extra postage for it having to come from Vietnam.


On my Flight Jacket, I have a patch that reads “Participant Southeast Asia Wargames”.

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I would like to include one of my mentors, Jack Wells, he attended the university, maybe some of you have more details. As far as I know he was a specialist in 7,62x39 species. Maybe someone could help to remember wich fraternity he belongs.

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Jack, was a member of the A-Team (yes, that one) and had plenty of missions we all know only from movies.
One of the few truly impressive persons I met!