Ammunition US Navy 1923

The Library of the Marine Corps has uploaded a good quality color scan to the Internet Archive of the Ammunition: Instructions For The Naval Service 1923. Ordnance Pamphlet No. 4, September, 1923. Contained there in are chapters on projectiles 3 “ to 18” and 1 Pdr to 6 Pdr (including the Davis gun) (COLOR DIAGRAMS), cartridge cases, fuzes, primers, projectile tracers, storage containers, small arms ammunition and associated storage containers, torpedo impulse ammunition, Y-gun ammunition, Stokes mortar projectiles, grenades, line throwing projectiles and aircraft bombs. Color codes for projectiles, bombs and associated storage containers. Signal star rockets, very flares, signal lights with diagrams and color codes.

This is FREE for anyone to view and/or download as a PDF file, just open the link and take a look:



Thanks for that - an amazingly detailed resource. Thanks also to the USMC Library for taking the trouble to make it available on line - I wish others would follow suit!

Brian, That’s EXACTLY the pub that I needed for some of the fuzes and rounds I have. Thanks for the link!!! Cheers, Bruce.