Ammunition with code "eeo"

I search info about ammunition with code “eeo” and “CB”.
This ammunition is produced by Deutsche Waffe- u. Minitionsfabriken AG, Posen (Poznań) on the WWII .

I am interested of photos this (headstamps).

This code is on:
15x96 mm / 15mm MG 151/15
20x82 mm / 20 mm Mauser MG151/20
30x91 Mk108
and fuzes for this ammo
26mm signal (probably)

30x91 Mk 108
15mm MG 151
15mm MG 215

15mm MG 151

Thanks very much for answer.
Hedstamp for 30mm MK108 is very interesting because I see first time in this configuration (in 120 degree)

In this time I found information about:
15x96mm MG151/15: 7 h/s “CB” | 6 h/s "eeo"
20x82mm MG151/20: 12 h/s
20x138B: 18 h/s
30x91 Mk108: 8 h/s
26mm signal: 3 h/s
7,5 cm Pak44Rh: 1 h/s
7,5 cm Pak40: 3 h/s
8,8cm Flak18: 1 h/s

Best Regards: Piotr J. Bochynski