Ammunition World War one


Does anyone have an idea of how much ammo there would be used during the great war 1914-1918, from both sides, Allied and Central powers?
Just ammo for rifles, MG’s and sidearms, no artillery rounds.



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The appended graph is taken from: The Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers, by C.W. Harding, Page 246.

The y-axis represents production in millions.



What was “Royal Ordnance”?


Royal Laboratories headstamp RL


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What was the difference between RL and GCF1 and GCF2? Just the name or some other status? Was RL government owned?




Some information here:


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U.S. ammunition manufacture in WW1. They made a lot! Many more women involved in all aspects than I had expected.


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Sksvlad, to answer your question:
the government factories can, in my view, be compared to U.S. government owned, contractor operated (GOCO) factories. In simple terms, the government paid a contractor (usually an established ammunition maker) to erect and operate a factory. The system in Germany after 1933 worked in a very similar way. These were factories to satisfy high demand for the duration of a war or preparation for a war.
Royal Laboratories, on the other hand, was a purely government owned installation with a long tradition, not only for production, but also development. It can be compared with the German state arsenal at Spandau, or Frankford Arsenal in the U.S…