My husband found some boxes in his gun safe. What is the value of 7.62MM METAKA CA YHNBEP3AnHNM 3PHOM HH-05 Cep. 5543? We are members of a local Sportsman Club & may be of value to someone.

Mrs. Caine

Dear Mrs. Caine,
your ammunition is obviously of Yugoslav origin.
The description is a little confusing to me, because the use of “universalnim zrnom” (that is what the cyrillic letters after METAKA CA mean) is usually associated with 7.9 mm ammunition not 7.62 mm as far as I can tell. The usually present number in front of Metaka (number of cartridges in the box) is also missing.
Could you perhaps show us a photograph or scan of the label in question?

Mrs. Caine,

The box you show and the ammunition in the clips appear to be 7.9 x 57 mm (often called 8 mm Mauser in the American “shooting world.” The clip it is on is a typical-looking stripper clip for a Mauser-type military rifle.

I don’t know the current value, but this ammunition used to be sold on the Surplus Military Ammunition market in the USA for a little less than ten dollars a box.

Today, the cartridges are more common than the boxes, and I doubt they have any special collector’s value, but the price may be higher than it used to be considering the big increases in the cost of ammunition caused by anxious buyers basically hoarding ammunition. The ammunition was made by Prvi Partizan, of what today is the country of Serba, given the arsenal code, on the box and likely on the headstamp as well, of “11.” The ammo for the box you show was made in 1956.

John Moss

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Thank you so much for the history. Very much appreciated. I’m sure he isn’t aware of its history. He has no clue where he got it. But you mention 8mm & I think he has one in his collection.
Again… thank you…