AMPACT Cartridge

FINALLY figured out how to copy this and get it to here. Whew! That was a workout. Anyway, here is the tech drawing for AMPACT cartridges. There was a thread some time ago about a similar cartridge, and could be the same thing, but I couldn’t find it to post from. So, ignoring the potential for a duplicate thread, here’s an interesting “thing”. I have the blue and yellow ones. The yellow for installing, blue for removing. Uses a device similar to the Remington “cold chisel” nail gun, requiring a light tap to initiate. The primer appears to be a No. 209(stamped M 12o’clock/F 6o’clock. The drawing depicts a different type primer. Mine have the 209s. The firing pin is a bump on a rod, akin to an UZI or M1A1 bolt, that slips into the shell. The primer is inside, facing down, if you will, and ignites the charge in the base. All plastic construction. This drawing serves as a better reference than any pictures or scans. I tried. I suck at that. So, here’s this instead.

Base dia.: 0.84"/21.3mm
Mouth dia.: 0.63/16
OAL: 2.72/69.2


And for the first three respondents, the prize is a matched pair of these. I plan to keep 2 for meself and will pull a Paul on one. If I screw that up, I’ll have to cut into the second “spare”. Let’s see who’s watching today.


Pepper is…but can you flash a photo of the round ?..I am a visual kind of collector and not placing the round…which could be in my “tool blank” drawer…and I am not match the tech drawing to the round


It is a “tool” round.[/img]

The original post on this tool cartridge was by me on 20 May 2007. The following is from that thread.

I found an instruction manual telling all about the tool and how to use it. It is used to install and remove taps on high voltage lines. The shells come in Red, White, Blue and Yellow in order of increasing strength. I think the Pink is just a variation on the Red as no pink was shown.

Goto this URL to see the manual. It is a PDF.

Thanks Ron

Lower right of the drawing shows there to be six colors.


Rick–I think at one time there was a green case, and a black case but am not sure of that. Currently, according to the catalog, they only have the 4 colors.

After my initial posting(1/24/08), I was on a mission to get the “rest of the story”. Just got 'em today. Total set for the job at hand. Mostly mainline residential wiring application. Up to 4/0 wire. That’s what the big wedge is for(lower left). The little one, on the bottom right, is the smallest they use with this particular load range, but generally squeeze with channelocks for this size. Boxes of 25 each shells. With instructions. Not to worry, the reverse is in Spanish. An un-wedging adapter and the ultra rare cleaning/disassembly tool. Cost me 5 boxes of LC .30 carbine ammo and a Winchester Model 101, 20 Ga. O/U. No s@#t. There’s more to that story as well, but my advice is: don’t try this at home. Still, a neat addition to the junk my kids are gonna have to get rid of. Unless any of y’all are interested:-)