AMPACT Tool Cartridges


Can anyone give me more information on these tool cartridges? The only clue is the molded headstamp “AMP” plus a “0” on the blue one and a “K” on the pink one.

Doing a Google search turned up a “AMP Rail Cable Co.” They make all kinds of electical connectors for the rail industry.

I would guess these are for some type of heavy duty cable clamp tool. They evidently fit into a device that fires them from the mouth end. They have a shotgun style primer set deep inside the case facing the open mouth. The blue one has been fired which, as can be seen seen, punchs a small hole in the head.


Ron, well I can’t add anything but tell you, you are right about your assumption. The tool AFAIK is called Ampact.


Well,… they use cartridges in high voltage switches (10 KV and up), to switch them on again and avoid sparks…


The few I have, came with a note:
Ampact Tap & Tool
Light - pink
Medium - blue
Heavy - red

The fired blue one has AMP over 9 and a - just above the center hole.

The unfired does not have the - , and both have what look like, ni center shotshell primers. The A & M have a line (-) joining them together.
The other 3 are different, with the AMP on a raised area, (no -), all copper primers, and also marked with raised letters in a square box, like Ron’s. (Yellow L, Light Blue B, and Pink D). The colors look about the same as Ron’s though.
The second type have shorter “flutes” above the rim, (I presume to hold them in whatever shoots them), and they all have 4 tapered fins around the primers, that hold them in.
And that’s all I know about them, except that they look neat.


Sam–Mine also have the additional features you describe. After I scanned the two above, I found I also had a yellow one. The yellow one has AMP and a N under a X. I think the O, K & N are most likely mold identifiers. You say you have both a pink and a red one. Is the red one a bright red?

I agree they are neat looking. I obained mine probably 25 years ago and most likely knew what they were at the time, but have forgot now.


The note with mine, said the heavy one was red. (So I don’t know if it’s the pink one, or if there is a red one.) I just have the two Blue ones of the first type I discribed, and the yellow, a lighter blue, and the pink, of the second type. I don’t know which style is older, and just picked these up about 3 years ago.


Sam, Fernando & 224BOZ–The key was in finding the name for the tool (AMPACT). I did a Google seach and found an instruction manual telling all about the tool and how to use it. It is used to install and remove taps on high voltage lines. The shells come in Red, White, Blue and Yellow in order of increasing strength. I think the Pink is just a variation on the Red as no pink was shown.

Goto this URL to see the manual. It is a PDF.


Ron, funny, I had tried searching Ampact already, but failed.
Anyway, since the manual is from Tyco, here’s my cartridge, from Tyco: