Amron 1st lots

For several years I have had a 9x19 with headstamp of 9mm at 12 oclock and 1 at the 6 oclock position. Recently I noted a 7.62x51 with 308 over the number 1. I assume this to be the 1st lot again by Amron. My question is:
Are there other calibers with this pattern of headstamp using the caliber and number 1??
Thanks for any help.

Gary M

All I can add is that I have a box of Amron .30-'06 and the only HS marking is 30-06, no numbers.

The .308 Ammunition from Amron was found with both the “1” at the 6 o’clock position on the headstamp or with the date “69” as I recall. Years ago, I had about ten of each, all from the same box which if memory serves me (and it often DOES NOT so caveat emptor) was from Centennial Arms, in Chicago. I don’t collect this caliber and never did so I no longer have the box or any of the cartridges.

I know that the 9 mm version is much, much scarcer than the .308, possibly known from the single round in Gary’s collection.

The Woodin Lab collection also has one and this is the first place I documented it. Back in the early 1970s, I visited the Jeff WerBell of MAC, and he was showing me some very interesting things they had. On a shelf was a wooden block with nine cases in the nine holes in the block. The first case had the “9mm 1” headstamp, the second “9mm 2” and on until “9mm 9”. He knew they were from Amron, but had no idea what they were for or why. Unfortunately, he didn’t offer them to me!

A few years ago, I went back to see Jeff here in Atlanta. He and his brother are long out of the Firearms and ammo business, but he did take Bill Woodin and I down to where he had the ammunition residue was stored. These 9 cases were not there and Jeff has no memory of them.

I have no reason to doubt that the 1 is for the first lot, but I don’t have a theory for why they should have a block with headstamps 1 through 9!

One of many things I don’t understand…

If anyone has, or has seen this block or the cases, please let me know.