Amron .30-'06


I have a partial box (18 rounds) of .30-'06 with 150 grain PSP bullets. The 20 round one-piece box is blue and white, and is marked Amron. The headstamp says ONLY 30-06, not Amron or Browning. I don’t remember just where I found this box, but I have seen nothing else like this. Obviously it was not military. Is this anything unusual? Does the ammunition match the box?


It does sound like an Amron headsramp, as to that specific box?


Probably the most common headstamps from Amron are the ones with Calibers only. Amron boxes are not so common, as a lot of those “anonymous” headstamps were sold through Centennial Arms, of the Chicago area, or made for other companies.

When you have 18 rounds with a box, if the end label caliber information matches, it is pretty darn sure they came with that box. Not always, but usually. The label vs. the load is the key to answering your own question, I think.


The end flap says 30-'06 with 150 grain bullets. I would have to pull and weigh one to be sure of the actual weight, but I am pretty sure that is what they are.


I have a full box of Amron 180 grain SP loads, unfired. They have the .30-06 headstamp at 6’oclock only.


The pictured box is very similar to mine, but not exactly the same. I’ll dig out my box and take a picture of it later. So we now know there were probably a couple of different graphic designs.