An ELEY cartridges samples box



I have this ELEY cartridges samples box from many years.

What is the date of this box ?




many thanks for showing this box - it shows the great value of the forum - sharing information with fellow collectors. I wish I could date it for you. All I can say is - obviously post 1874 (when Eley became Limited company) but I think about that date because of the ‘Boxer’ type cases - which must have become ‘solid-case’ about mid - 1870’s.


Hello, Chassepot…I don’t collect Eley stuff…except possibly a couple of .30-40 Krag that may have been made by them…BUT…just wanted to say…WHAT A NEAT BOX !!!


Randy - very interested in possible Eley .30-40 Krag - any more info - esp pics?