An interesting box of 11 x 60 mm R (Mauser Gewehr 71)

The informative discussion of the 11 x 60 mm R case found in Micronesia which had been marked to indicate it was reloaded reminded me of a box of similar cartridges that I have. In this case, however, the box itself had been used at least three times, as it had three labels with different dates on it, one pasted on top of the next. It was obvious that the box had two labels, as the second was visible in spots where portions of the top label were missing, but the original label that was completely covered by the second was a unexpected surprise. The first picture here shows the box as it was found:

Here are the other two labels.

All of the cartridges in the box had the MUNCHEN headstamp like the one in the first picture, with a mix of dates from 1878 through 1882.