An interesting crate of GFL 9x19mm-Arabic markings

About a year ago I obtained this crate and one box of the ammo from a friend in Europe. The box is gray, somewhat crude, cardboard with no markings. Inside are 24 rds headstamped “GFL.9M38 1948” and one round headstamped “M38 9”. First it is pretty conclusive proof the “M38 9” round is Italian made.

The end on the crate is marked in Arabic. There were no other markings on the box.

The ammo looks to be an Arabic repack of some oldand somewhat dirty Italian ammo.

I would appreciate a translation of the label and any information on who may have done the repacking, or any other related information.


Can anyone translate The Arabic???


This should be the translation, according my source:
2500 rounds of 9 mm cartridges, packed in 100 boxes of 25 pieces each. For shooting range.
Lotnumber 54-4.

Thanks! You should know…

I still wonder which country used it. No hint from the markings on the end!

Does anyone have any guesses???


With the colored bar Egypt comes to my mind. Also as there a red bar is used with 9x19 ball loads.
Just a guess.