An interesting insight on the surplus market of today



Very informative. It’s kind of long, I’ll summarize for those who have no time to read.
WE______ARE______ScReWeD (like in “rifling”)


Uhh, looks like that thread is dated April, 2007. Perhaps interesting to review to see how their predictions turned out, but worthless as far as giving any current info or trends.

Seems to be more of a shooter or survivalist take on ammo than anything else.


What I found interesting is the knowledge about where the surplus ammo comes from, not the 2010 prices. Price and stores info is worthless outside the US.

Info on the prices of guns and ammo delivered to the Republicans during SCW is terribly outdated too…


The price level of ammo in the US didn’t even get close to the european level during the “crisis” so the discussion is rather moot for us shooters this side of the Atlantic. But prices did go up and forced people like me to stock up and buy when available -a bit difficult when your legal amount is 1000 rifle cartridges and 5000 pistol… Group buys and reloading suddenly became very attractive.
One cartridge I shoot a lot is the Norma 6,5x55 Golden Target used in my Otterup target rifle and a 1906 swedish Mauser, this is at DKK 4,75 = 87 US cents right now. AMA 7,62 NATO is at DKK 2,00 atm. M2 ball (AMA M/48) is gone completely, even the last available (sadly no longer functional) tracers from 1960.