An interesting 'New' shotshell

Found this offered on the Cabela’s website and I find them interesting. Being Herter’s brand, I suspect they are Russian made but it appears from this photo that the shells have a roll crimp. Available in 2 3/4"/70mm only with 1 1/4oz of either #2, 4 or 5 lead shot and priced at over $2 each, they would have somewhat limited use in the US, since they won’t be legal here for waterfowl. It’s interesting that top wads, something that seemed to be from the past here, are once again being offered. Also interesting that foriegn made shells are riding on the reputation of an old and respected American name. Usually off-shore made shells came here because they were cheaper but these don’t seem to be so. Thoughts?


These do not look Russian to me (what may not mean much).
Are any detailed images of all box markings and the hs available?

That would be a good wild turkey load, but not for me, at least, not at $2 each.

The box shows an Italian CIP sign (ammunition tested for being in accordance with CIP rules). This is the coat-of-arms like symbol to the right of the pentagon with CIP M in it (the latter being new to me). If the cartridges were Russian, the box most probably would show the Russian CIP symbol.

I can see a return to roll crimping as being a smart marketing move. Over here paper cased Eley Grand Prix and Hull Three Crowns are making a come back although they didn’t actually ever disappear totally.
People like the return to the traditional feel. I notice the bright colours of the plastic cases are giving way to old fashioned hues as well. That is to say mainly for game loads, the clay ones are still quite bright. Fibre wads too are coming back

Shall we coin a phrase and call it “retro-ism”?

I helped somebody get started loading black powder cartridges a couple of years back although he uses them in a modern (if cheap) SXS.

retro is definitely becoming popular.

In Europe, irrespective of the name on the box, most cartridges and components start their life in Italy one way or another.

the pentagon with the “M” is the new symbol used by all certified CIP proofhouses on ammunition.
Anyway, you are right, the coat of arms symbol is from the italian proofhouse

Old and new CIP symbols can be found here, just clicking the “proof marks” button

Thanks everyone for the education! I almost always learn from asking questions here.
Cabela’s seems to be offering a extensive line of shotshells now with Herter’s on the box, perhaps all made by the same Italian firm… whoever it may be. They have a target load in 25ct boxes that is on the low-end price scale but only by the flat (10 boxes) and then there is shipping cost.
Despite the price, I think I may order a box of these… to satisfy my curiosity.


I have an italian 12 gauge shot load with a golden plastic case that looks like the same of the cartridge in your picture. It is a “woodcock spreader” load ( written on the case body) and it is headstamped " 12 * 12 * 12 * 12 * ", so a case made by Fiocchi

Pivi, DKConfiguration posted some links to other Herter’s shells in a post he recently put up.viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14113
In the linked photo’s the headstamp on these show HERTER’S but they could still be made by Fiocchi I would think. A lot of small makers/marketers either use Fiocchi hulls with the star and gauge mark or perhaps even have them loaded there and boxed for their brand. I have some SPECTRA SHOT steel loads in front of me with the star 12 headstamp. I guess I am going to have to order some of these shells from Cabela’s.