An introduction to collecting 20mm cartridges


I have added another article to my website:
An introduction to collecting 20 mm cannon cartridges


Tony–As usual you have done an excellant job on showing all the different types of 20mm in one great article. I am sure it will help many people to sort out exactly what 20mm case they have. Now, what we need is seperate articles on each type of 20mm showing all the different loadings!!

  • Some collectors who are NOT familiar with the 20mm rounds may identify in a wrong way a 20mm fired shell case with the length of 110mm. As we can see in the table from above, there are 3 different 20mm rounds having the shell case 110mm tall: 20mm Oerlikon “S” with rebated rim [20X110RB], 20mm Hispano rimless [20X110] and 20mm US Navy rimless [20X110]. Measuring the rim diameter and observing the shell case shape and design, no mistake must be made when the 20mm shell case is 110mm tall. — The article written by Tony Williams is excellent as usual, very nice work. Liviu 03/08/07