An Odd Solicitation

I just ran across this in FedBizOps. It seems a little strange to me. … e&_cview=0

Maybe these are Russian calibres intended to arm our great allies in Afganistan?

Your allies there, your allies anywhere else (official and unoffical) and also for your own troops which do undergo training with foreign weapons.

There are several western countries having typical eastern calibers in stock for training purposes.
The Dutch are even listing them in their ammunition manuals for example.

I can believe training with an AK, but who would train that much with a Makarov?

And then there’s this: … e&_cview=0

EOD has it right. The ones going to Blue Grass will belong to the DOD (Army) single manager for munitions. The ones shipping to Texas will be available to ship to a lot of people outside the US.


The amounts of 9x18 (or other cals) don’t seem so odd when I take into account training regimens I’ve seen for SF trainers tasked with FID missions, State Dept ATAP courses, etc.

500rds a day per guy is common, sometimes more… and add to that training our own guys that are deploying. I’m betting that the ComBloc (yeah I know, I’m old…I miss the damned Cold War) cartridges and arms will be encountered frequently in all current and 5-10yr-projected theaters.