An old 7.62 Mosin Nagant

I found this old 7.62 Mosin Nagant.

What are the earliest headstamps known ?


The earliest headstamp known is I 90 91 П (1890).

There’s another one from 1890 wich reads П ТУЛЬСКІИ 3 90.

The first from 1891 (same format as yours) is П 91 K I.

Very cool cartridge. Thanks for posting!

What is the meaning of “P” “K” “P”?

Is it possible it’s P K II ? Otherwise the headstamp doesn’t seem to correspond to the usual pattern. JG

Yes, you must be right, it is “II” 2nd quarter of the year at 6 o’clock. So, what is “P K”?

chassepot–If your interested in 7.62x54R you might want to look at this website:

OK, it is “1893”, “P” for Peterburg, “II” for 2nd trimester, and “K” for brass supplier, but what does “K” mean?

K” means Association Kolchugin, Brass and copper rolling factory (russ. [b]

Here is the name in Russian - Кольчугин. It did not come out well through your keyboard. Mr.Pulkin, which source of literature did you use to get this name “Кольчугин”? Must be something nice.

My information here from this book
From #132 to #139

Pulkin-- Does the book “Russian 7,62mm rifle cartridge” cover only 7.62 x 54R or does it also cover 7.62 x 39?

If it does not include the 7.62 x 39, do you know of any book that covers this cartridge?

Ron, as the title says. No M43.

Ron, I have a few information about