An old picture to enjoy - BSA works 1917


The caption for this picture is
BSA small arms works London 1917


Great picture. I love those old photos.

Sherryl - it is a great picture. Thanks for posting. I wonder if it has been digitally enhanced along the line sometime. It is an incredibly sharp, high contract B&W picture for the times.

Definitely worth adding to anyone who keeps a file on BSA and other companies.

John Moss

The old photographers used large film 4"x5" minimum most likely for that photo. Large film = greater area to hold detail and a 4x5 to an 8x10 is only a 2x blow-up where as a 35mm film is an 8x blow-up.

8"x10" film might even have been used for that photo. Back then it was almost all fine grain film and slow compared to today.

You will notice that the power wheels are not turning which means it was a planned posed photograph although it does look as if a flash bulb might have been used to fill in some of the shadows.

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I am happy you liked the pic hope you are Ok
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