An unidentified 13 x 64B cartridge


I believe this must be a product of the Pirotecnia Militar de Sevilla.

Brass case with no neck crimp.

No headstamp.

Brass percussion primer. The diameter of this primer is smaller than that of the regular german electric primer, so this case couldn’t use a German primer.

The projectile is German, Armour-Piercing Tracer, marked “bmv 1 f 41”.

Does anybody know other samples of percussion-primed 13 x 64B?




The early German ones in developmental stage were percussion primed but the adopted version was electrically primed.

Yellow tracers are very uncommon on German 13x64B, nice find.

Your case is certainly unusual. Could you check your case for the flash channels?


Of course, the Japanese Navy adopted a percussion-primed version as the 13mm Type 2, for use in aircraft flexible mountings.