An unknown 0,303" dummy

Recently received was this solid, turned metal 0,303" dummy cartridge. It’s very well made with a fine turned exterior whilst the base is bored out to a depth of 45mm. There are 4 countersunk drilled holes around the base of the ‘cartridge’. It is non-magnetic so it is either plated brass or stainless steel, it’s too nice to take a file to either way.

The base is marked ‘760’ or ‘160’ at 12 o’clock and ‘,90’ at 6 o’clock.

Does anyone know where it was made, for whom it was made and what it might be used for?

Happy collecting, Peter

Could the “,90” be read as “05.”? Looks that way to me…

I’m not a .303 guy, so could any of those numbers be related to headspace or other dimensions that might make this some sort of tool or gage?

Looks like turned stainless steel to me. Very well made. Curious headstamp.


I think this is Dutch. I forget if it is an inspector’s dummy or a drill round, but I believe the former. Gyrojet? Where are you on this one? Am I as crazy as usual?

I have always had this ID’d as Dutch, also.

Agree. I believe this is a Dutch Inspector’s round, although I cannot correlate the numbers to any headspace dimensions etc.


Hello here I am, yes it is a Dutch one made for the Dutch army.
I don’t know with factory made them.
Peter a nice one !!

I copied this query to a collector friend in The Netherlands who sent me the following reply:-

“These are from the Netherlands, special made for the National Reserves, which used the brengun the longest, so the dummy has been made specially for this weapon, but it turned out to be too hard and caused damage to the weapon so it was never really used.”


Many thanks for everyones help with this one. It had me baffled.

Dave, that would explain why it’s quite so new and shiny looking.


Further info from Holland, the Bren remained in service until somewhere in the 1980’s to early 1990’s. These dummies probably date from this time period.