An unusual Japanese Artillery Fuze

I recently came across a variant of the Type 88 Short Delay artillery fuze that I can find no documentation on.

The fuze in question is marked like a standard Japanese Type 88 Instantaneous. It is dated Showa 5.15 (May 1940).

When compared side by side to a standard Type 88 Instantaneous, you can see that it is considerably shorter, and has a different profile;

Also, looking at the bottom of a standard Type 88 it does not have the normal internal threads for the gaine, the external threads are shorter and finer, and there is a snap ring over the firing hole. It looks like maybe the gaine is supposed to have a snap on fit instead of being threaded?

Any information would be much appreciated!


Possibly trench art (note the file marks)? … kw5-8N1gT8

Contact Jeff Osborne; he’s the IAA “resident” Japanese ordnance expert

This is type 88 delay fuze.
Delay time:
Type ‘野山加’:0.05s
Type ‘榴臼’:0.1s

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Thanks a lot for clarifying this!

And before I am gonna die from curiosity, what book is this?

The name of the book is 《弹药识别手册》(Handbook of ammunition identification).
The book is not mine, but a friend’s book.
The book was published in China.

This is the type 88 instantaneous fuze.

Thanks a lot!
Can you maybe tell how many pages it has and who the author is?
Does the book have an ISBN number?

The book was published within government agencies in 1950. There is no record of its publication. The author and ISBN are unknown.
I have a soldier training textbook issued in 1987 by a Chinese government agency. It is also unknown to the author and ISBN.

Too bad, the book looks like a valuable source of information.
Does a digital version of this book exist?