And the last - .44 CLMR

Well, I’ve worked my way through to the last cartridge in my little collection which turned out once again to be not quite what I was expecting.

So a .44 Colt Lightning Magazine Rifle black powder round. Not something I’d ever come on before! Very Interesting and out of the usual run.

So the little haul turned out to be

.44 CLMR
10.4 mm Vetterli round of the type imported into Ireland by the UVF
Two No1 Gibbs rounds, one with a copper jacketed bullet, one with a nickle.
.303 1909
8mm Mannlicher rd dated 1908 and converted into a cigarette lighter.

Id love to know who put this grouping together!!!

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That .44 CLMR is a nice one to have!

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Yours would have originally been sold in the lower box, while the earlier Solid Head variation would have been in a .44 cal version of the upper box.

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Thank you guys.

Can you post a picture of the headstamp on your .303?

Sure, here you go. I am wondering why the VI designation at 6 0’clock has apparently been cancelled by the second War Office crows foot?

The broad arrows were added after the cases had been loaded. As such, there was always the chance of over-stamping the original HS.

Thanks Ed, Nice headstamp!