Animal trap gun and its ammo


I never saw this contraption before, the 2nd photo was taken in a hurry and is blurred, I had no time to read because the auction house was closing. May someone enlighten me about this gun and what and how it shoots?


Exactly how this one worked, I’m sorry but I can not say.
However in general the device was attached to a tree , stuck into the ground or something solid & the animal tripped a wire / lanyard & so fired the device. [Same sort of devise / system was used as booby traps for two legged animals - poachers]. These could be spring loaded or powered with a charge of powder, or very early by using a flint lock to provide ignition.


THe info sheet at the bottom of the photo is from Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and their Values. This is the Bible for gun collectors for ID and values and has loads of technical details which may beh elpful to cartridge collectors as well.


Very intersting!
How about this?
Not a exclusive guntrap but it looks funny: