Another 1000rds of Fedarm 9mm headstamps

Just sorting through another 1000rds of 9mm reloads from Fedarm which never fails to produce a few odd headstamps. I’m only halfway through checking them all, but approaching the end of the work day I wanted to show a few here.

The WMA 18 is new and is probably what Winchester is packing into the military-looking brown boxes, and would match with what they do in the .45acp boxes of the same style which I know have WMA 18 headstamps as well.

The FM 9mm with odd orientation spacing is new to me. Freedom Munitions I presume?

The real oddball is the EXP-IND.COM headstamp, and is from Expansion Industries. The Expansion Industries website no longer works, and they appeared to have taken a beating with that name in terms of customer reviews for however long they existed. Today they have re-branded as “Expansion Ammunition”, and the website stil shows images of the 9mm headstamp I show here despite the name change. They seem mostly to have only 9mm and .223 in stock right now.


I will sort the remaining ammo tomorrow and see what else turns up.

After sorting the rest of the 9mm in this lot here are the other interesting headstamps. The two that stood out were the lot-numbered Speer case, and a new version of Browning headstamp that I hadn’t seen before. All of the original Browning 9mm from the past 18 months or so were dark-nickeled, and they did not have the Registered Trademark ® symbol like this one. I show it next to an older version headstamp below.



I was looking at the only 3 EXP-IND 9mm headstamps I had found in this Fedarm reloads lot, and I noticed that there are two types. Two of them are the same sort, which are relatively skinny, and wider / larger letters, and the one on the left below has smaller / narrower letters which are a little fatter or more bold. The overall size of the text at 12-o’clock is smaller on the left version, and the “9” is also a more bold / fat font, albeit a smaller font then the two on the right. I have no context for these as far as production time or original packaging since they were in a bulk reloads lot.

Shown below, each of the headstamps is oriented to nearly perfect relative North / South orientation to each other, and they are all resting at the same latitude as if sitting on a flat table next to each other for best comparison of lettering scale: