Another 20 lots of ammo up for auction

The following is the latest 20 lots that have been written for the next auction (July 21) at Five Rivers Auctions where I work.

There are some commons in the listings, but there are also some better items, like the rimfire and inside primed lot.

The listings are constantly updated as I write up ammo for the catalog, and they can be found by going to … _2012.html and clicking on the gavel marked Ammunition. Each week, there will be more added to the descriptions, though there are many photos that may appear without descriptions written yet.

Military Rifle Ammo Lot , This is a lot of (mostly) military rifle cartridges: 8 boxes of Mexican F de M 1939 7mm Mauser with three 5-round stripper clips in each (120 rnds); 1 box of Itallian SMI 7.35mm with 2 6-rnd Carcano clips (12 rnds); 70 rounds of 7.62 NATO from US and German makers, some loose in issue boxes, some in stripper clips; 1 sealed box of 20 Lake City 7.62 NATO Match; 1 box of 20 rnds Frankford Arsenal FA 9 08 “Revolver Ball Cartridges, Reloading” LRN, in fair to good condition with box in fair condition. The military rifle ammo is in overall good to very good condition. 12-040-0099 S-20 (50-75)

Collector 32 RF Lot , This lot consists of two boxes of 32 Short Rimfire: The first is an unopened, sealed 2-piece box of Quintana Hermanos lead RN bullets with a green label in very good condition and a red seal that covers all four sides that is in good condition with some edge rubs. The ends say (one in Spanish, one in English) that the cartridges were loaded and packed by Quintana Hermanos of Mexico City. The sides say .32 Short RF. There is a 913 code on the label, and the graphic on the top label indicates that the cartridges have a D headstamp. The second is a 1-piece box of Remington-UMC blanks in the red-white-blue box. They are loose packed, and the box appears to be full. The box is a little faded, but overall good condition, and the cartridges are very good with a U headstamp. There is an R139 code on the box. 12-040-0018 S-14 (50-75)

Collector 32 Cal Pistol Ammo Lot , The lot includes: 2-piece Remington-UMC box 32 S&W D$ CDP and 4-D codes, black box, fair cond w/good top label, one end label missing, incl 4 LRN copper primer rounds; Empty Remington-UMC 32 S&W dogbone 1-piece w/tray box, H12A stamp, poor cond w/end flaps missing and tear on top; full USCCo 1-pice w/tray orange & blue 32 Colt Automatic box in fair cond with one flap gone and missing area on top, rounds in good cond; almost full box of Remington-UMC 32 S&W blanks in red-green box w/ 9032 code in good cond; 28 ea 32 S&W short blanks; 12 ea assorted 32 ACP FMJ; about 70 vintage 32 S&W of various makes and bullet types. 12-040-0021 S-14 (50-75)

50 Brass ALCAN 12 Ga Shotgun Shells w/Block and Deprimer , The empty shells are all in fired condition, with 31 being deprimed. The deprimer punch is a simple brass rod with a steel punch screw. (This is one of two brass shotgun shell lots in this auction, and there is a lot containing special wads for reloading brass shells, as well.) The overall condition is good to very good. 12-040-0031 S-5 (75-125)

66 Brass 12 Ga REM-UMC BEST Shotgun Shells , The shells are all fired and cleaned. All but one ALCAN are BEST shells. Some of the deprimed ones have a grain of tumbler media in the flash hole that needs to be removed. (This is one of two brass shotgun shell lots in this auction, and there is a lot containing special wads for reloading brass shells, as well.)The condition of the shells varies from very good to well used, with most being good or better. 12-040-0109 S-5 (80-140)

Collector Dummy and Speialty Ammo , This lot consists of 2 full white/green boxes of Remington Dummy Load Shotgun Shells (1 open 12 Ga, 1 sealed 20 Ga), four short aluminum (fired) shells that appear to be WWII vintage aircraft starting (impulse) shells, one set of 7.65 mm bullets showing different stages of draw and manufacture, 2 unfired cartridges that appear to be ejector seat charges (headstamp AIA C100), 5 two-piece brass 45 ACP dummies, 6.6x55 dummy, “Silver Bullet” Texas headstamp 44 mag cigar cutter, 460 Weatherby Mag dummy, 30 carbine blank, 5 fluted steel case 30-06 dummies, REM-UMC 7.7mm Jap dummy, 2 Marble’s adapters to shoot 22 LR in a 22 HP rifle plus 1 SACo 22 HP with a US primer, 1 unk adapter to shoot 22 LR. 12-040-0119 S-5 (50-100)

Collector Frankford Arsenal Nickel 45-70 Lot , 20 ea F 6 82 cartridges with laquered primers loaded with lead RN bullets. The 82 is stamped at the edge of the primer pocket, and some look like 92. The bullets have a mold line, so there is a possibility that these may be period reloads. These come with a 2-piece box that has a Winchester orange label top and a Frankford Arsenal buff label bottom. The box is in fair condition, and the rounds are in good condition. 12-040-0114 S-5 (50-70)

Antique Collector Ammo Lot , 6 2-piece boxes: full box WRACo .40-82 with cupro-nickel soft point metal patched bullets (box & rounds in fair to good condition); Same, with 10 rounds (box fair, rounds good);16 rnds of WRACo 50-70 extra heavy solid head (raised ring with headstamp) in green label box (box & bullets fair to good with 1 REM-UMC extra round); 12 rounds of mixed WRACo & REM-UMC 38-55 in a Western green label box (box and rounds fair to good); full box of mostly WRACo (w/1 ea REM-UMC & SUPER SPEED) 30 WCF (REM-UMC is 30-30), with two having the copper/brass primers, in green label Winchester Superspeed box (box & bullets fair to good); full box of WRACo 30 G 1906 in a red label Palma Match 1914 (box and rounds good); 12-040-0081 S-5 (75-150)

Collector Vintage Shotgun Shell Lot , Ten 1-piece yellow boxes, 2-3/4” shells: 2 boxes (1 full, 1 half) Western Super X 12 Ga #4; full box Western Super X 12 ga #6; Western Super X 16 ga #7-1/2 w/8 rnds; 3 full (minus 3 rnds) Winchester Super Speed 12 Ga #4; 20 rnds Western Super X 00 Buck; Winchester Super Speed Leader (buff box) 12 Ga #2c, 3”; 19 rnds Sestern Super X 410 3” #7-1/2. All are in fair to good condition. 12-040-0095 S-19 (50-60)

Collector REM-UMC Shotgun Ammo Lot , 7 light yellow with red & green boxes of Remington Dupont Kleenbore shotgun ammo with the red circle Remington/Dupont logo: Box overstamped US PROPERTY, Nitro Express 12 ga #4 (box fair w/torn flap); 10 rnds 20 ga #7-1/2c with a few extra Peters rounds (box good but soiled); 3 boxes (about 60 rounds) 12 ga #1 Buck (2 good, 1 poor/fair); full 16 ga extra long range #5c (fair to good); 16 rounds mixed Rem/Western 28 ga #9c. 12-040-0094 S-20 (50-70)

Collector Lot 16 Boxes Red/Green Box Remington Shotshells , Mixed shot sizes: 5 boxes 12 Ga w/approx 100 rnds; 4 boxes 20 Ga w/approx 90 rounds; 3 boxes 28 Ga w/approx 65 rounds; 4 boxes 410 w/approx 50 rounds; plus three empty 12 ga boxes (1 modern) The overall condition is fair to good. 12-040-0093 S-20 (50-75)

Collector Lot Red/Green Remington 22 LR Ammo , This lot consists of 16 boxes of Remington Hi-Speed Kleenbore in one-piece red/green boxes. Five have the 1522 code, Ten have 1622, and one has 9322. They are individually wrapped in plastic wrap, as purchased at a collector ammo auction by the consignor. The overall condition is very good. 12-040-0043 S-12 (50-70)

Collector/Shooter 22 LR/CB Lot , This lot consists of 850 rounds in factory plastic boxes: 100 round boxes: CCI 22 Mini Mag LR; CCI Green Tag Competition LR; CCI 22 Mini Caps; Federal Silhouette 22s LR;; Winchester Super =-X LR; Winchester Extra Power LR; Revelation 22 LR RN; Revelation 22 LR HP; 50 round CCI Stinger. The overall condition is very good. 12-040-0078 S-12 (50-75)

Winchester 22 RF Collector Lot , 13 one piece boxes: Winchester Super-X: Partial Box (PB) Xpert K1264R (F), 2 ea PB Short K1208R (G), PB 22 Long Range LR K1225R marked in pencil Do Not Use (G), Full Box (FB) Long Range Short SX22S (G), PB Long Range 22 Long SX22L (F), FB Long Range LR K1225R w/pencil date 1950 (VG), PB LR Shot K1268R (G); Winchester: Leader LR empty box K2388R (G), Staynless LR empty box K2286R (G), FB LR K288R (G), empty box LR K2388R (F); Western empty box 22 Short . 12-040-0063 S-12 (50-90)

Collector 41 Volcanic Ammo , One loaded round. Brass and cork base, with magnetic anvil. 7 grooves. Covered with light white oxidation. Overall condition is good. 12-040-0066 S-12 (50-90)

Collector Shotshell & Powder Can Lot , 10 vintage shotshell boxes w/some ammo and three vintage powder cans. Blue Peters Rustless HV 410 3” No 4137-1/2 box (full, good); Blue Peters 12 ga Rustless HV N0 126 (full, fair with split seams); red Western Super-X 20 ga 2-3/4” w/brown paper shells (9 rounds, good ; fair box); blue Peters Ristless HV 12 ga No 126 w/teal paper shells (full, good); yellow Winchester Repeater paper shot shells, Load No R76D7-1/2C (empty box, good), Red American Eagle 20 ga, A203 (empty box, very good); blue Peters Victor Target Loads, 12 ga 2-3/4” (11 blue paper fired cases, good; box is fair to good); light green Remington UMC Nitro Club (w/flying duck graphic) 28 ga x25DS6 (empty box, fair to good); blue Peters Rustless HV 20 ga No 206 (17 rnds blue paper, good; box good); yellow Winchester Repeater paper shot shells 12 ga 2-3/4”, No R77EC7-1/2C (empty box, fair); Dupont Improved Military Rifle Powder Number 18 can (faded, but about good); two SVPER BALLISTITE powder cans, one full w/torn seal but unopened, one opened ¼ full, 2 different graphics on back (1 with US/Italian flags) (both about good) NOTE: These cans have some smokeless powder remaining that is for collector use only, and must not be used to load ammunition. 12-040-0085 S-12 (100-150)

Collector Obsolete Rifle Ammo Lot , 2 ea 44-60 Peabody Creedmoor unmarked heads (good)6 ea 11mm Spanish w/brass jacketed bullets, MP, SA and unmarked heads, various years (very good, some cleaned); 40-72 JSP, REM-UMC (very good); 45-70, WRACo 45-70 Govt (very good); 45-70 REM-UMC 45 GOVT (very good); 12 ea 38-45 REM-UMC S H (very good); 500 Kynoch LC (good); 45-60 Win no headstamp (good, cleaned); 45-60 D.C. Co (good); 40-60 WIN WRACo (good); 45-82 UMC SH (good, cleaned); 577 Snider KYNOCH 577.S (very good); 2 ea 38-56 WRAco (good), 38-56 PETERS (good); NORMA Re SPECIAL empty unprimed case (very good); 41 Swiss Vetterli CF full case shot (very good); 45-75 WCF WRACo (very good); 4 ea 33 WCF WRACo (very good), unk caliber (similar to 45-75 no headstamp (very good) 12-040-0096 S-12 (75-125)

Collector Rimfire & Inside Primed Lot , 10.4x38R (41 Swiss RF) paper patched bullet “Swiss cross” (good); 22 Extra Long RF, copper case “US” (good); 41 Swiss RF “U”(good); 45 cal inside primed 45 cal, 2” OAL, “9 82 F” (good w/center dent); 44 cal RF, 1-3/4” OAL (good); 44 Henry RF “U” one lube groove bullet (good); 2 ea 56 Spencer BP blanks, no headstamp (good); 2 ea 44 Henry RF pointed bullet “U” (good); 2 ea 56-56 Spencer “U” (good); 12x15mm Perrin inside primed, no headstamp (very good); 56-56 Spencer no headstamp, possibly UMC (fair to good); 22 WRF copper case “U” (good); 38 Short RF no headstamp (good, hammer strike in center); 45 cal inside primed, one blank, one pointed lead, 1.11” case, no headstamps (good); 38 Short RF “H” (good); 32 Short RF “H” (fair to good); 45-70 inside primed, no headstamp 2 170 degree crimps (good); 22 WMR “Super X” (fair to good); 38 Short RF “U”, 41 Swiss “U” (case good, bullet has plier marks); unk RF caliber, approx shape of 41 Swiss, but 1.08” long case (good); unk 54 cal RF no headstamp, .90 case (good); unk slightly tapered RF, approx 52 cal, 1.16” long case (good); approx 22 RF blanks from 22 to 32 cal (good) 12-40-0089 S-12 (100-200)

Collectible Rifle Ammo Lot , REM-UMC 1906 w/old style nickel semi jacket bullet; DCCCo 450 Express; Peters 32-20 LFN; UMC USA (raised head center) 43 Spanish; WRACo 22 WCF; C 4 86 F Moore patent 45-70; WRACo 32 Ideal (primed case only w/weak nickel); 5 ea WRACo 32-40 (2 different headstamps) + 1 fired case; KENOCH-AXITE 375-503 JSP; F 0 01 30-40 Krag FMJ; WRACo 25-35 JSP; WRACo 50-110 EX; 3 ea WRACo 38-56 WCF; WRACo 50-90 EX, unmarked 50-90 Win; REM-UMC 8m/m. All are lead bullets unless noted. Overall good+ condition. 12-040-0097 S-12 (75-150)

Collector Paper Patch Bullet Ammo Lot , British 577-450 with 3-piece case and broad arrows on primer rim with very dented case, made with poorly formed brass and iron head (poor to fair); 41 x38R Swiss with Swiss cross headstamp (good); KYNOCH 577/450 Martini (very good); unmarked 44-90 Remington (AKA 44-100 and 44-2-6/10 straight) (good); unmarked 40-60 Winchester (very good); 2 ea * 79 9 3 43 Mauser with raised center head (good); UMC S H 40-70 (good); unmarked 40-90 Sharps (necked) w/raised ring head (good); 2 ea UMC USA 10.15x63R Serbian Mauser w/raised center head (good) 12-040-0090 S-12 (75-100)


That web site cannot be opened from my end but, maybe you can tell me:

What is the lot number of:

1 sealed box of 20 Lake City 7.62 NATO Match


It looks like bulletcaster’s link got chopped off - this one should work:

I looked at the military items and unfortunately couldn’t quite make out the lot number on the 7.62mm match box.

The lot number on the Lake City Match 7.62mm NATO is LC 12063.