Another 20 x 110 Hispano identification needed


This case type also shows up in Spain from time to time so, again, I think we can say this ammo was purchased by the Spanish government.

As far as I recall I haven’t had an original round in my hands, but I have a round with a black solid projectile, unmarked, that shows a double segment crimp on the case neck, so it was probably reloaded (not after firing, but having its original projectile substitued by the black one).

The fired case I am presenting, shows double crimping segments too.

Is the “KE 5429” headstamp identified?

Can this round originally have the double-fuzed pink API projectile shown in my previous thread?


KE 5429 is typical swedish.
KE is unknown (so far I know), 54 = 1954, 29 = lot number.


KE is Karlsborg Munitions Factory marking on 20mm Oerlikons