Another 25 mm ,

What is it ?


25 x 120mm Austrian?

See: … ht=25%20mm

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But I can’t see the pictures on


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As Joe said above you need to register as a user and create a password and login to see the pictures. One correction to my earlier post, the designation should be 25x120mmR Austrian (a rimmed case).
In another discussion on wk2ammo ( … m-austrian ) the cartridge is attributed to a list that names it as “25x120R Bohlero Experimental for Machine Cannon” and it was further speculated that ‘Bohlero’ was a misspelling of Bohler.
The few cartridges discussed on wk2ammo are Austrian made and have early 1900’s (pre WW1) dated headstamps. One cartridge shown on wk2ammo has the proper case but the projectile appears to be an Italian 25mm Nordenfelt projectile with upper and lower copper driving bands.

Still this is not a positive identification of your projectile, but the 25mm Austrian is the only one I have info on that looks close to what you have.
Hopefully someone else has better information.
Perhaps someone with a copy of The Austro-Hungarian Artillery from 1867 to 1918" (by Ortner, M. Christian, 2007) could check and see if there is any info there.