Another .303 British to ID

OK, not sure about this .303 British. Can anyone identify who it was made by and where/when??


It was made in India by the Dum Dum Arsenal - Southern Circuit. Exactly what is meant by the term ‘Southern Circuit’ I am not sure.

It seems we’ve been through this before…

[quote=“Jim”]It seems we’ve been through this before…

Jim, I must be getting “old-timers” or something. We did in fact cover this once before. Not sure why I don’t remember it though . . . :o

Thanks again for the information, I’ll make sure I record it in my headstamp database this time!


Kirkee was the northern arsenal & Dum Dum was the southern arsenal. Now it may be more complicated than that, calling it a “Circuit”, and as you state Dum Dum was also called / known as South Arsenal. Forgive me if I’m telling you something you already knew.

That’s news to me Pete, thank you. It does seem a bit superfluous though referring to Dum-Dum as Southern Circuit as well…or is it just me?

In the first thread covering this headstamp (viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12816), TonyE posted the following:

I have just had a e-mail chat with Bill W at the Woodin Laboratory and he says these are almost certainly Egyptian made at Factory 10. He says the round is otherwise identical to the one with the Arabic headstamp “|. |.” and he found his in a box of repacked Egyptian .303 with mixed headstamps.

Now in the current thread Jim posted this: “It was made in India by the Dum Dum Arsenal - Southern Circuit.”

So is there a consensus as to which location is correct, a product of Egypt or India?


Egyptian, below are two Indian, a MK VI dated Jan, 1911 by South Arsenal on the left & a MK I by Dum Dum Arsenal. The South Arsenal has a badly bunted “I”, but both have the Government Broadarrow over it.

The round is most-likely Egyptian, but as Tony and I discussed, with a small possibility that it was made in Italy for Egypt.