Another 38 Spl-American Ballistics-Interesting Bullet

Here is another 38 Special from the storeroom.

Amer Bal 38Spl anti Hijack-2

Plain white box with the company name stamped on both sides and on one end, the caliber.

The bullet is black coated but at the base of the HP is clear a silver color and non-magnetic. I was told this was a Sky Marshal round but that was in the early days of Sky Marshals and since then lots of unusual bullets are attributed to Sky Marshals. To me, the box doesn’t look like it was intended for any US government contract!. I guess it could have been a bid sample!

Does anyone have any information on this round???


Tag you’re it. I have the same h/s marked Teflon coated aluminum

BUT. Next them (in the unidentified HP line up) are 4 similar with more of a brass like non magnetic deep HP. (Lack of black into the base reveals the brass)

The kicker is the tell tail base coloration of the classic teflon coated magnetic American Ballistics rounds

Until otherwise proven. They all move into that file row.

I repeat. All are non magnetic

Lew and Pepper, great box and variants, thanks for sharing. This is their "TC HXC” load (Teflon Coated Hollow eXpanding Copper).



Fede. Next time. Faster !!!🤣

Not fair!

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Fede & Pepper,
Thanks! I have the copper load with pink base like Pepper but not the green base 9mm load. I also have the copper bullet like Pepper’s pink and green base rounds but this one has a plain base and is headstamped ABT 86. It was sold as the Grand Slam load.

I guess the 38 SPL with the coated aluminum bullet would be “TC HXA” and perhaps was intended for Air Marshal use since the light bullet would do very little penetrating of aircraft structure.

Since the 38 Special have Starline headstamps, when did Starline begin making cases? I don’t recall having their start date documented. I picked up my first Starline case in 1992.


Lew, the aluminum variant was the “XAL” (eXpanding ALuminum).

Starline started in 1976, but was more or less an industry secret until the late 80’s. Manufacturers knew them, as well as cartridge collectors and police labs, but most shooters weren’t aware of their existence.



Many thanks! I should have known you would have the answers!

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