Another 7,62x51 Dummy

I still have a 7,62x51 dummy of which I do not know the usage.
It has a blackened brass case, a non-magnetic GM bullet and an empty primer pocket. The hole in the middle is not drilled.

The lack of a case mouth crimp makes me wonder if it was a unfinished case someone put a bullet into?
However I seem to have the same but the case, also without a flash hole, is BLACK not at all grey, and the bullet is seated showing the knurled bullet crimp cannelure.

I don’t currently have a bullet puller hammer to test it.
The case is black it only looks grey on the picture.

Well maybe it is then the same, & my bullet is just seated further out.
As to actualy useage / function I can’t exactly say.

Just a guess but perhaps just show & tell without a mouth crimp, or case-flutes or case-holes? Probably too light for a packing test dummy. & without a mouth crimp gun-function or magazine testing would be limited.
Perhaps loaded to test the bullet pull of the Asphaltium waterproofing?
OR ???
OR maybe some one does know& I can quit guessing.

Thanks for your opinion

Rigby and Pete,

HWS 3 on page 230 describes an inert round with a blackened case for link tests with (+) LC 75 headstamp, but the empty primer pocket is indicated to have a vent.


Despite the very limited information in the primer pocket part of the picture, running it through Photoshop shews that there is a central hole in the pocket … easier for Rigby to confirm its presence but I’m immured at home in “social isolation” due to the current plague and waiting for my breakfast porridge to cook, so I have time on my hands …

… strange times.

LC 75


The ignition hole is not drilled.