Another 7.65 x 54 Belgian Question

Here is another question about 7.65 x 54 Belgian/Argentine that one of our members fluent in Spanish can answer, please:
What does FyA stand for ??


Fusilos y Ametralladoras, Rifles and Machine Guns. Please pardon any spelling errors.

Hello Randy, the meaning is “Fusil y Ametralladora” (both in singular form). This started in 1896 with DWM strenghtened case no. 367E which was designated as “Gewehr u. Maschinengewehr”. It was designed for both Mauser rifles and Maxim machine guns.

Thank you Fede and Orange…The DWM 367E is one of the headstamps I am looking for…


So, lets say we have a cartridge headstamped FN FyA 27…this is for Rifle and Machinegun…now if we have one headstamped FN 25, is this just for rifles ?


Randy, you will need the original packages to certainly identify the M. 89 cartridges made by FN during the 20’s and 30’s with only a date in its headstamp, because these were labeled for either “Fusils et Carabines”, “Mitrailleuses”, “FM-15 et Mitrailleuses” or “Fusils-Mitrailleurs”.