Another 7.9 label, help to understand

I’m in the process of making a file of my German 7.9 box collection, and it’s really complicated. So many variables, I really need help to understand this. I think it could be a long study to learn all about these labels. Anyway, here’s my first question today:

I have this box, and it say: Patrh. S* - 1943 3 The ammunition inside has headstamp am S* 6 41. Is this the correct lot for this box? Because I find the same headstamp also in another box where the label say Patrh.:Sam6.L.41 ( Notice here also that S and am is opposite of the headstamp…)

Attached pictures:

Next question:

The following box contain 5 different headstamp, so I guess that the box has just been filled up by a collector with different lot’s:

The head stamp is written on the box label.

auy S* 3 43
am S* 6 41
am S* 12 42


These are the cartridges belonging to your boxes.
If they have other head stamps, they are refilled.


Thanks for your help.

I somehow managed to miss auy in the label for the headstamp, I only saw S* - 1943 3. How I managed that, I have no explenation. Getting old, I guess.