Another 7.9 or 8mm Kynoch question

This Kynoch round with its mark 7 type bullet is quite well known ,however I have just picked one with a mark 6 type bullet , is it also common or is it an uncommon version, headstamp is KYNOCH 7.9 OR 8 m.m. M brass primer, nickel FMJ bullet with long segment crimps , were these a late contract for someone ? and if so do we know who for . Thanks Randy

Hi Randy - no it’s not a military round - commercial style headstamp. Also not a Mark 6 bullet. The Mark 6 roundnose and Mark 7 designations only apply to the .303 inch calibre. Eley also made ctgs with the ‘7.9 or 8mm’ hst this was done so the same case could be used to neck down to use either the earlier .316 dia J bullet or the later .323 dia S byllet. Regards JohnP-C

Thanks for your reply John