Another anti-IAA law

Saw this on the internet this morning:

"( Connecticut’s new “ammunition certificate” law, which went into effect October 1, requires individuals over the age of 18 to have a state-issued document to purchase ammunition and magazines.

The fee (tax) for this certificate is $35. Each applicant will undergo a criminal background investigation in order to be issued this certificate.

The “ammunition certificate” must be renewed every five years. However, if shooters already hold a valid state Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers or a newly created “long gun eligibility certificate,” they are exempt from this additional requirement to obtain a separate “ammunition and magazine certificate.”

A lawsuit challenging the new rules was filed in U.S. District Court in Connecticut in May. This lawsuit seeks immediate injunctive relief and a ruling declaring the new law unconstitutional under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It alleges that Connecticut’s new firearms law violates the Second Amendment, and makes both citizens and law enforcement less safe by depriving citizens of modern firearms that are in common use throughout the country for self-defense."

I’m sure the ammunition and magazine sellers in New Hampshire and Vermont will appreciate the extra business coming their way from Connecticut…


Sounds like Illinois’ FOID card. I suspect more & more anti-gun states will try to pass this law requiring cards like this, not because it will have any affect at all on crime other than making it worse in the long run, but so as to be able to enhance government control, gather more fees (tax), and to pander to their loyal constituents who don’t know any better, or who don’t care.

If it does ever get that bad I hope there will be some reciprocity. It would surely kill going to out-of-state cartridge shows.