Another Auxiliary Pinfire Adapter

Here is another variation of an auxiliary pinfire adapter someone brought to me at SLICS.

Bigger Version
Huge Version

I have no idea who the maker of either of these were and have never seen any original documentation on them. The unloaded one has an “L” headstamp and I think is constructed slightly different than the other. I believe the loaded one has the hole from the pin going directly into the top of the case, whereas the other has a thicker base with the hole traveling down the thick base and then opening up from the back. This also allows a little screw to screw into the bottom that goes inside the base. This can be unscrewed to allow a hole strait through base from the bottom all the way to the hollow pin which allows one to shove something through to clean it.

Very cool Aaron. I have never even heard of these before. It is a very simple idea and to be honest I am surprized they are not more common.