Another big shell


Another discovery :
Brass shell only
47 x 193 R, Rim 53mm and not 55.3 as on the UK Web site
The 55.3 mm is given as : 1930 Bohler/Italian Model 37 AFV

The hstp is : MI 942 9/424 47/32

  1. What is it ? a Bohler ?
  2. Explanation of the hstp please
  3. Is it scarce ?


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  • It should read “SMI” for “Societa Matallurgica Italiana”, made in 1942, “9/424” is likely the lot number nd “47/32” gives the caliber and the barrel length in calibers. [/quote]

Ok and thanks for all the explanations.
It is perhaps (and surely!) Societa Metallurgica Italiena.

But what is sure is the hstp is MI and not SMI.

And this for two reasons :
First this round is like new and has a good impressed hstp.
Second I found again MI and not SMI on 105 x 135 R 105/28 Field gun shells.
Conclusion :
If it is Societa Metallurgica Italiena, this means they hstp their big rounds MI and the small ctges SMI.
Why ? I do not know