Another cartridge in my cigar box

There is tape on one saying it’s 8x57mm, so I’m assuming 8x57mmR. However I can’t find any pictures to validate this. Any ideas or info?

A picture of the cartridge would be helpful but I am inclined to think that cartridge is a Hungarian 8 x 56R (Maybe possibly an 8 x 50R - no measurements or cartridge profile picture given. I don’t know if they made any 8 x 50R that late).

I believe it is most certainly not an 8 x 57R.


It should have added an imgur album (I’m still too new to post multiple pics)

Well, you are ahead of me. I haven’t got a clue what an “imgur album” is!
When it comes to computers, I am somewhere between an idiot and a moron.

John Moss

John’s right. Unless it is a reformed case, you have a Hungarian 8x56R Mannlicher round.

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John - we would never call you an idron.

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Or a Moriot!!!

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Imgur is website lol!