Another creatively "Rare" item on Auction

Auction Arms has a listing ( … um=8897356) for

*RARE= 9mm Mfg. for Ruler of QATAR 1949=*RARE

That are common ordinary Egyptian military loads. Egypt wasn’t even making 9mmP in 1949. This is the kind of thing that would put people off cartridge collecting. Sad!!!

It really is sad.

I was browsing GunBroker when up popped an auction for rare German paratrooper ammunition from WWII. I hadn’t heard of any German paratrooper ammunition and wanted to see it, so I looked at the photos.

It turned out to be US made 45 ACP ammunition with some of it not even manufactured during WWII.

I contacted the seller whose screen name was Fat Seal or something like that, and politely explained the ammunition wasn’t even German ammunition and he might want to change his description so as not to mislead potential buyers.

Big mistake. He didn’t like that at all. He proceeded to tell me he was a gunsmith and ex-navy and was qualified to know the difference and - I was who? He did admit though he knew it wasn’t German ammunition.

I then sent an email to GunBroker and explained the situation to them. To their credit, his auction was quickly changed to a more accurate description.

It is caveat emptor for the online ammunition auctions, but if I happen to spot an item that I know is deliberately misrepresented I will contact the seller and if that doesn’t go well - then GunBroker. If we know the difference, why should we allow someone who probably doesn’t know the difference to be ripped off?

I know the above is not for everyone, but I hate to see someone deliberately taken advantage of and just let it happen.



I agree and did send him a note. I have also done that in the past. We will see what happens.

Have any of you ever found any really good rounds listed as “old bullets” or anything like that on gunbroker?

The only online auction service I use and am registered on is eBay. I have stopped telling people of their errors. A few take the advice kindly, but of those, even though they thank you for the correct information, only a fraction change their descriptions. The majority are fat-heads and send you an email insulting you or don’t reply and don’t change their entry. In one case, since the picture didn’t tell, I bought an item that was wrong, and will admit that the seller credited paypal for my full amount, even though I told him not to bother, because it would cost me more time and money than the item was worth to return it. He told me to keep it or give it away (which I did to someone who could use it), but that he would make full refund anyway. As I recall, the chap was in Bulgaria. Now there’s a person I would do business with again. So, some of them are o.k.

The auction business seems to breed arrogance. If we had treated our customers the way so many people involved with auctions treat theirs, we would have been out of business years before Governmental bullcrap caused our store to close, when the owners decided it simply wasn’t worth staying in business.


I have found a few good items. It doesn’t happen very often but often enough to make a few minutes of browsing each day pay off.

There are good sellers and bad sellers and it doesn’t take long to realize which ones are bad and then you simply avoid them (except to read their ads just to see what sort of shennanigans they are up to).

I too will contact the sellers, especially if what they are advertising is dangerous - such as the Grenade Launcher Blanks that was the subject of an earlier thread. I have had sellers thank me and change their ad - and some who were less kind.

My latest amusement is with the words used to describe stuff that I used as a kid and young adult. First it was “vintage”, then “antique” then “ancient”. I expect “pre-historic” will be next.

My favorite line is “I don’t know what this is but I got it at a gun show several years ago and the guy told me . . .”


I found a listing once for some 30-06 listed as “FN 30 cal - 100rds” as the title, and the description just said “Older FN manufactured silver-tip 30-06 ammo in 100rd box”, the picture showed the box with blue label, but had a piece of the label missing. I assumed they might be API so I asked the guy and he didn’t know. So I bid and won them for $60.00 for the 100rds, and it turns out they were API, near mint every one of them. For some reason somebody had torn the part of the label off which would have said “AP-I” as I finally found another box pic online. These days it’s a great deal since after Obama and the democrat congress got in, all AP and API bullets & cartridges have gone through the roof. Ammotogo has clips of 8 API 30cal for $79.95: which is nuts, but usually these are $4.00 a rd anyway.

Price wise, I guess that is a good deal on API ammunition, although I can’t see a use for it, other than collecting. However, the fact that that happened on an auction site is very bad. If that came into California, it could cause a guy to get caught and charged with a 100-count felony (many years in jail) for something he may honestly have not know was a prohibited type of ammunition.

That is why the extreme ignorance display on so many auction sites is potentially very harmful.

I just bid on eBay and on Makarov items like holsters, etc, and since they show pictures, I can usually judge for myself if they are correct or not. They love to identify Tokarev holsters, and holsters designed for other small autos like Walthers, “Makarov holsters” though, and i have gotten the wrong item a couple of times.


I doubt if the “API” part of the label was “accidently” torn off. Probably done intentionally otherwise he’d lose part of the sales base. Like CA for example. Then some poor CA guy would end up with a box of ammo that could have gotten him thrown in Alcatraz, or Folsom, or wherever the CA lockup is these days.


I have never found a cartridge I wanted on Gunbroker with one exception and that individual knew I was looking for it I think.

I have found boxes for my collection. I picked up my box of Herter’s cases made in Finland and just recently I found a Keystone box with H * 1930 * 9mmP by Hirtenberg made for the US market I believe. I had a tatty old box and was delighted to get one in excellent condition. It has been worth my time to look.

The use on those 30-06 API’s I figured was to pull and reload most of them into .308 for my HK91, mostly to hold onto for a “rainy day”, or resell if the crazy auction prices get high enough. I’ve found plenty on AA and GB, and I have realized that the key is in using the saved-search or auctionwatch features and using creative search terms. Like for KTW cartridges, some people just don’t know what they are. On two occasions I have found some in random lots of old pistol ammo by having the term “green bullet” as a saved search, since naive sellers will just list them in the description as “strange green bullet” or whatever. Of course I get allot of junk alerts about 11.5x57R Spanish Reformado due to the verdigris on the bullets making them green also. The old “poison” bullet. I don’t know what I’d do without the saved-search feature on GB. Of course after my first St Louis trip this April the auction sites should become mostly irrelevant and I should become mostly broke.

You hope!!!

Despite the large number of grossly misinformed or deliberately false ads on gunbroker and other auction sites, I’ve had some great luck.

I bought a mixed bag (literally) of 9mmP cartridges for a few bucks. Not only were there some WWII European bits of interest to me, but there was also a 9mmP SALVO projectile in the lot.

Like anything else, you just have to sift through the BS to find the diamond that the Internet swallowed.