Another date question -- 22 WRF this time

I’m hoping someone can tell me which of these is earlier, and when the “Rem Spl” was added/dropped.


51 maybe the year ? 02 Month? I am not sure.
What does the back of the box read ?
Any Western box experts, out there? .

Thanks for the response. I was being lazy when I posted this, and should have done a little more research on my own.

The “Rem. Spl.” box lists additional patent numbers and is marked “Olin Industries” (which I think makes it 1944 or later?). Patent #2111075 which is listed on that box, but not the other, was granted in 1938.

If anyone can narrow the dates down a little more, it would be appreciated. The code inside the flap on the top box is hard to read in the photo, it is “BD5”

Here are the other sides of the boxes (“Rem. Spl.” box on top in all photos):

A private message led me to this old post of Lew’s: Dating of WInchester boxes by lot number

If I’m interpreting that correctly, my top box, marked BD5, would be April 5, 1948. The second box, marked 51RN02X2 would be Dec. 20, 1940