Another find-Westly Richards Explora No.12

still slowly going through the boxes of cartridges i recently got and found this one. i like it!

Westly Richards Explora No.12

jlnel–Nice find. Those are getting scarcer all the time.

Thanks, I have not looked too much into it yet but, I do think they made a magnum version too… I need to find his lost brother!!

A few Paradox loads.

Hmmm… has more than one sibling! I’ll have to adopt them slowly ;-)

Congratulations on a good find!

I would really appreciate a photo of the headstamp if that is possible.


sure, i will post it in a couple days when im back home.

I stopped by and snapped a pic quick for you. If you need a better one just let me know.

That’s perfect, thanks. A nice headstamp too! Now maybe the shotgun boys could suggest who they think made the case. My first guess with anything W-R is BMMCo but that’s just on balance of probabilities, in other words, I don’t know. Its a very nice case though.

When WR introduced the Explora in 1901 the cartridges were made by Kynoch, but in January 1909 WR gave Eley the contract for future production. Why the change I do not know.