Another Flare Case

Last one; Not quite sure what the top letter is “A” maybe, tried a few pictures and none show it batter than the first of these.

Any ideas anybody?

Head Stamp 1

Head Stamp 2 (tried to get the flash to bounce on it), doesn’t show it any better to me!

Side View

The knurl seems to have squashed the head flange so it looks to have been applied too heavily, may why it misfired? but wouldn’t think so from that position!

How about turning it by 180°?
Then it will be N. V (Roman 5 = MK5).

Yes, that did cross my mind (after I posted :))…


According to Horst Thielbörger it was made pre 1915 (red band near cm) by Nobel.

Many thanks EOD, I did think Nobel but wasn’t sure.