Another friend gone from among our ranks

Once again, I must report the passing of my good friend Manfred Beutter, a member of the German Group of the ECRA, and also of IAA, who passed away recently due to cancer. Manfred was better known to the European collectors, although in recent years, he began attending the SLICS.

I first met Manfred at his home in Rosenfeld, Germany, during my visit of 1972, 40 years ago. He was the first European cartridge collector I actually met, and we had a wonderful visit. He arranged a visit of Mauser (Oberndorf a/N - very close to Manfred’s home). His factory made many of the springs used in production by Mauser as I recall.

We had occasional contact over the years, and I saw him at a cartridge show in Etzenrot, Germany, in 1979 and another at Spa, Belgium, in 1985. It was a pleasure to be able to welcome him to SLICS the past few years.

He was a highly knowlegdeable collector and a good friend, and he will be missed. When you get old, it is inevitable that you must watch as lifetime friends leave our midst, but it never
can mitigate the loss we feel when they do.

That is sad news John.

I never met Manfred but have corresponded with him over a fair period of time. He was always approachable and especially helpful in providing information for other collectors. He will be missed.

I wish his family well in these sad times.

The cartridge collecting fraternity seems to be losing too many of its stalwarts lately…

Very sad news,

He was a very nice Gentleman, always at the German and mostly on the Saint Louis show.

He will be missed.


It is sad to think that the conversations I had with both Otto and Manfred at the recent SLICS will be the last I have with those two fine gentlemen.

This is very sad news.
Again one of our experts passing away.
I was fortunate to know him personally.
Condolences to all his family and friends.


I was so sorry to hear about Manfred. My thoughts and prayers to his family
WIth Sympathy,
Bruce Holm

My condolences! So sorry to hear this.


A big shock, as we had been friends since ECCC beginnings in 1967…

Manfred was a GREAT guy, nice, clever, helpful and very friendly.

He had lung cancer diagnosed last summer, but mercyfully passed away from heart attack on June 4th morning.

I suggest that those who can send regards and condolences to his wife,

Siegelinde Beutter,
Panorama Strasse 22,
D-72348 Rosenfeld, Germany