Another Gunshow Unknown

Here’s another unidentified item that might be a primer cap (for a cannon?). Sorry, no dimensions but in the picture is a .455 Auto for scale. The headstamp appears to be ‘GB’.

All comments appreciated.


Assuming (at least initially) that it could be Greenwood & Batley, did they make artillery priming components?
My first thought was that it was a draw stage for an inside-primer cartridge.

That it was found at a gun show doesn’t mean it was for a gun, primer or cartridge. Could very well be a ferrule for an umbrella tip or a walking stick tip?
I don’t know this comment was just a thought.
Any provenience?

Cup for the PIAT AT weapon ctg?

No, too small.



The owner is a cartridge dealer and it came out of a collection (I know…still doesn’t prove anything). Some material fell out of it. He assumed it was the fulminate priming, but never tested it.

Sorry, I don’t have anymore information than this - just wanted to post it to see if anyone recognized it.