Another help in ID

Found today in the Israeli Golan heights.
I only managed to read the 1955 which I believe it’s the year of manufacture.
Can you identify it?

All I can tell you is that it is Syrian. Looks proportionately like a 7.62 x 39 casing, but with nothing for comparison and no measurements, hard to tell. This basic style of headstamp is found on other calibers.

John Moss

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Thanks, I think it is a 7.62 too!

Looks like a 7.62x51 no?

What does the 51 stand for?

Wouldn’t 1955 be a bit early for this?

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Indeed a 7.5x54 would make more sense then.

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Nadav, a metric caliber designation is comprising of the caliber and the case length.
7.62x51 for example means:
7.62 mm = caliber (not neccessarily exactly what you will measure on a bullet as there is different ways how calibers are defined)
51 mm = case length

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Thank you ☺️

Elks shows this hs on Syrian made 7.5x54 MAS

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EOD - think you’re right. I was looking at it proportionately, and it seemed shorter to me, especially in the context of Nadav’s hand (looks almost identical to mine even in lines in the palm), but I just for fun measured my little finger and its about 54 mm long. I am sure it is 7.5 x 54. I have had several of those go thru my dupes (I don’t collect them) with this particular headstamp style, and others from Syria with different style headstamps. These were fairly common here about 30 years ago. We bought, at our store, a very large quantity of “pickup” ammo out of Israel, and there was some Syrian 7.62 x 51, some 7.5 x 54 French, and a lot of 7.62 x 39mm. We even had some 9 mm Para, but as I recall that was from a different source. I hadn’t realized how long my little finger was, but then, being a typical “Yanqui,” I don’t think in metric.

Thanks for the correction, guys. That’s the good thing on this forum. We have plenty of guys who can answer these questions, so when mistakes are made, they are quickly corrected.


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I’ve just checked, you two are correct. It’s 54 mm in length. I can’t measure the caliber but if it’s 54 mm I can assume that it was 7.5
Thank you guys very much!😁