Another Interesting 7.65 Mauser

Here is another interesting 7.65 Mauser, with the number 2 stamped into the case neck…

As can be seen in the drawing, it is a Wood Bullet Blank

Number of times loaded/reloaded ??..Ideas ??


I once had a Belgian 7.65x54 M.89 round-nose ball cartridge, headstamped “F N 29” and with a black primer annulus, which my notes show had a “2” impressed on the case neck in just the same position as that in 30 Army’s drawing.

John E

Randy, a M. 89 ball loading of the F N 29 headstamped round can be found with or without a “2” stamped on the case neck (both with cu-ni jacket, oval brass primer, black annulus and same overall weight). I’m not aware of other numbers but if they exist we can at least theorize that these are lot/months.

The blank you are showing was loaded in the late 1930’s. The packet label says: “Cartouches en blanc pour Fusil Mitrailleur et Mitrailleuses”.

Thank you, Fede…

I just checked a F N 29 cartridge and it has a “4” stamped into the neck…


Randy, interesting to know there are other numbers. I’m currently asking other 7.65 mm Mauser collectors to check their collections.

I have a F N 29 ball, and a same headstamp blank with a natural wood colored bullet both are stamped " 1 "

I have the same blank in a 30 date but no number stamp & below in date, is a 25 ball, but again no number stamp.

& FYI The 29 dated ball load certainly does not appear to be reloaded. Nice original segmented crimp.

Hope this is of help.

Anyone from your neck of the woods going to SLICS? Should I bring the stuff I’m holding?
& while I’m posting, yes, very neat showing two 9 P. Naval boxes only a few days apart!