Another Kynoch 6.5 Arisaka

The Kynoch 6.5 Arisaka I’m familiar with have the headstamps K 16 II and K 17 II. Here’s a new one for me:


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I could be wrong, but I think the bottom figure is just a bad bunter for “II”.

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That would be a really, really bad bunter.image

I am sure that Johnny is correct, and I agree with you, Guy," that is a really poor headstamping job. Note the shape of the top horizontal bar in the Roman Numeral
Two (II). I appears that the right side of the bar (the left as viewed holding the cartridge) appears to curve upward, alhtough I think it is just that the lower edge of the end of the
bar is missing. I am sure this is Kynoch ammunition, but the bunting-quality looks like some of the imitation headstamps found on crude ammo specimens from small Asia shops, like those at Darra, Pakistan.

John Moss

I concur with Johnny and John.

I have a K16 and a K17 with that “character” at the 6 oclock position. The K16 has a top horizonal bar and the K17 has a “bracket closed bracket open” math symbol. Wish I could send you a photo but I have a crummy camera. Hope this helps you. Tom from MN

Any chance the “poorly done II” is some sort of Cyrillic mark for a Russian contract?

Guy Hildebrand
Boy did I make an ass of myself of exact the same mark || bunter on a mark || 303 British
it seems the same one they used on this 6.5 Arisaka.You have to look really hard to to
conclude that this is a broken bunter

That was my first impression, that it might be a Cyrillic character, but I’m certainly open to the damaged bunter argument.

I doubt that the K 16 and the odd character would be stamped separately, so John’s and Sherryl’s cartridges with the same odd character would indicate to me that it Is intentional and not the result of a damaged bunter.

I also have the same “pi” stamp on .303" MkII and 6.5 . Does not look like a broken bunter IMHO.

In my opinion it is the result of a broken bunter. Below you can see seven different examples found with K 16 II headstamp and six with K 17 II headstamp:



I assure you it is a broken bunter after Fede washed my head I went to town and wonted to know
and found a way to really enlarge this thing and sure enough on the bottem points you can see where
the crossbar is broken off,as it stands that sign looks precisely like that of an Arsenal I believe in Montenegro?
Cetinje???wich of course I found out it was not Fede was right.Nothing but a lousy broken bunter.
and since that Arisaka round is British made it looks like somehow it ended up with the same bunter

Fede and the others noting this as a broken or worn bunter are correct, I one looked through several 100 6.5’s by Kynoch & found a number of variations.

I other posts probably regarding the 9mm Para this large variation of headstamps & headstamp ‘flaws’ have been noted, you can also see this on various ,303 inch and within the various .303 inch makers.

Thank Pete
For your input it is only that this particular bunter seems
really noticeable and can lead to a lot of wrong assumptions

I was reading in Hackley et al. recently and saw that the maker’s mark for Utah Ordnance Plant changed from UT to U because of the problems they had with the T eroding from the bunters with use. So they just took the T out and everything was OK. U was no problem. Jack

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Thanks everyone for your interest and input. I’ll add this one to the collection as a damaged bunter variation of the K 16 II headstamp.

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My penny for what it’s worth. I have quite a few .577/450 MH cartridges, all made by Kynoch, with that same type of Roman numerals (K C II). It looks like a Pi symbol. I don’t think it was a broken bunter, but rather the headstamp style of that specific run of cartridges.

You may well be correct. I also have seen this sort of variations on the MH, .303, 9mm Para plus the Japanese in question. However I doubt we shall ever know until we see the lot numbers on enough unopened boxes to form an opinion. Or find written documentation.

I feel it is a worn or broken bunter as I’ve seen slightly different variations within the variations. Again just 2 pence

Here is the same broken bunter that has caused
me such grief because I did not believe either
that thing was broken


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