Another Martini Henry headstamp query

The headstamp on this battered Martini Henry case that was also picked up in the veld is ELEY C II. I haven’t cleaned it up yet so it is not very easy to read. I have seen ELEY II before, but not this one. How common or scarce is it and what would the date of manufacture be?IMG_20190720_123943

Can’t say exactly when Eley started loading the MK II with Cordite, I have a MK II powder with the ELEY headstamp. Based on your Kynoch Lion headstamp it must have been close to the same time but probably a wee bit earlier.

I have as you show with a “KYNOCH” headstamp and a “K” headstamp.

To my mind with the name spelled out it was a commercial or contract loading & with the 1st initial only used, it was for the Government. This can also be seen with .303 inch

I’m missing an “E II” but assume the MK II powder was made by Eley as I also have “K II” and “B II” headstamped MK II powder examples.